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H e l l o! - My name is Jeff Brechbühl.

For the last few years, I've developed and provided a free community service platform for sharing sustainable resources focused within the Chesapeake Bay Watershed through ECO STUDIO's website. The structure I utilize for helping to decide which resources to share and holistically present how to be green within a full range of activities is ECO Studio's "13 Principles-of-Sustainability". I like to define "ECO" as "Entrepreneurs Creating Opportunities through Sustainable Management", and I showcase those entrepreneurs and best practices within our watershed that can inspire others to take action or at least support their efforts. EcoStudio also shares resources for enjoying and conserving the region's ecology. In general, our interaction with the environment is very consumer driven, and I believe the biggest changes in the future will be driven by innovative people who practice sustainable management and help drive technology and government policies as well as the economy. I also happen to think that any one of us can bring our unique skills, knowledge and energy to being environmentally entrepreneurial.


In 1994, Jeff was conducting his M.A. in Applied Anthropology thesis research in Rio de Janeiro with street children educators, focused on culturally-driven social entrepreneurism. During this time, he became inspired by the Rain Forest Crunch initiave and Ben & Jerry's use of the product in their ice cream to establish a socially-responsible business back in Washington, D.C. After two years of business plan development and dedicated community development work in his own neighborhood of Mount Pleasant, he established The People Garden in 1997. He launched the plan as a delivery service of locally grown organic produce and other local foods to attract support and investors for a retail-based and local produce-focused "Community Health Market", which opened in July of 2000 on Mount Pleasant Street, NW and closed restructured as a delivery service again from 2004-2007. By the time The People Garden closed its doors, Jeff had become a very knowledgeable resource and follower of the "green scene" in D.C. and beyond. Having learned a lot about website management from establishing The People Garden's online store, he began catloguing the resources he knew about for SUSTAINABLE LIVING on a new website called ECO STUDIO.

Having taken great efforts to locally source The People Garden, Jeff realized the local economy and environment were very interdependent within the boundaries of the primary watershed - The Chesapeake Bay Watershed - and decided that ECO STUDIO's expanding "Regional Sustainability Resource Directory" should focus within the same boundaries. At the same time, in moving out of Washington, DC in 2008 to buy his first home in Takoma Park, Maryland, Jeff found it necessary to expand his normal footprint and has taken great enjoyment in exploring sustainability within the entire watershed.


ECO STUDIO promotes and celebrates these resources within the Directory to develop ECO tours, events, workshops and outreach. We also provide eco tips and resources, highlighting best practices for being the greenest you can in our local community, throughout this site and through our social media outlets. Our region is growing daily as one of the greenest areas of the globe, and ECO STUDIO is keeping very busy keeping in stride and providing the largest resource of its kind to the Chesapeake Bay Watershed community. We plan to expand our work in 2016 with weekly unique articles, large events, thematic TOUR GUIDES to encourage people to explore and support resources listed in the Directory, and the planning of a 2015-16 BIKE THE WATERSHED promotional tour  that covers the entire watershed.


ECO STUDIO remains a free service to the community!

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Mission:  To connect people to the sustainable resources, initiatives, creativity and entrepreneurship throughout the Chesapeake Bay Watershed so that they can strengthen our  regional green ECOnomy and contribute to a healthier ECOlogy. 

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