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ECO PRINCIPLES for Sustainable Living


All Directory resources must contribute to one or more of the following 13 ECO Principles: 



1.  Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy


2.  Create Green Jobs


3.  Outdoor Recreation!!!

4.  Purchase Sustainable & Fair-Trade Products & Services


 5.  Recycle, Reduce, Reuse & Rethink


6.  Invest, Bank & Communicate Green       


7.  Natural Habitat Landscaping

8.  Contaminant & Toxin-free Environment

 9.  Initiate & Take Action or Support- Learn from & help conservation and sustainability Leaders in Oganizations, Schools & Communities


10.  Plan Green Building Design & Renovations


11. LOCAL-LOCAL-LOCAL - support artisan products made & sourced closest to HOME and within your Watershed


12.  Energy/Exercise-Efficient Transportation & Eco Travel


 A...N....D  #13  =  Sustainable Sources of Food 

Sustainable Sources of Food


Mission:  To connect people to the sustainable resources, initiatives, creativity and entrepreneurship throughout the Chesapeake Bay Watershed so that they can strengthen our  regional green ECOnomy and contribute to a healthier ECOlogy. 

 Is your Eco-Friendly business, organization or service initiative listed in our Directory?