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Potomac Appalacian Trail Club - cabin rentals

PATC volunteers maintain cabins for the use of PATC members and the public. We rely on renters to help maintain and preserve the cabins for future use. The cabins range from primitive, with no plumbing or electricity, to modern. Some cabins may only be rented by PATC members, others may be rented by anyone. The cabins have rich histories. Some cabins were the homes of early settlers; others were built by the club or forest rangers and the Civilian Conservation Corps; a few were personal family retreats that have been donated to the club by their owners/PATC members. Now the cabins offer the opportunity for PATC members and the public to enjoy the woods and mountains along the Appalachian Trail, other hiking trails and forests in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia, creating their own memories.

The Natural Capital

Elizabeth Hargrave, Principal ♦ FACEBOOK: @The Natural Capital   ♦ TWITTER: @TheNatrlCaptl

The Natural Capital is a celebration of the wealth of nature right here under our noses in the Nation's Capital. We aim to open your eyes to the amazing plants, animals, and scenery in our region – much of it accessible by public transportation.

Natural Capital is also a concept in environmental economics: the concept that the ecosystem that sustains and surrounds us has inherent, but tragically overlooked, value. We need trees, for example, because they provide clean air and clean water. They are also beautiful, and the beauty of nature has value as well. Which brings us back to the purpose of this blog: getting outside to enjoy it all.

Wanderbirds Hiking Club

Susana Mendez, President  ♦  PHONE: (607) 279-4363  ♦  FACEBOOK:  @Wanderbirds Hiking Club

Founded in 1934, the Wanderbirds Hiking Club is a non-profit, all volunteer club that organizes day hikes every Sunday, year round, for energetic folks in the Washington, DC area. You do not have to be a member of the Club to hike with us.  We offer two hikes each Sunday.

Mission:  To connect people to the sustainable resources, initiatives, creativity and entrepreneurship throughout the Chesapeake Bay Watershed so that they can strengthen our  regional green ECOnomy and contribute to a healthier ECOlogy. 

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